Wine Trail trade toolkit

The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is the only way food and wine enthusiasts should travel New Zealand. Use this information as a planning tool to tailor-make a journey for your clients along the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail.

Not only does the Wine Trail encourage visitors to travel off the beaten track on less travelled roads, it also naturally links to other New Zealand touring routes, and offers an excellent hook to encourage past clients to revisit New Zealand.

Quick facts and selling tips

  • The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is a self-drive touring route.
  • The journey is an official touring route, signposted along the main highways to help guide visitors along the Wine Trail.
  • A 380km (240 mile) journey along the East Coast of New Zealand between Hawke’s Bay in the North Island and Marlborough in the South Island.
  • The Wine Trail encompasses three wine regions – Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and Marlborough, together responsible for more than 80% of New Zealand’s total wine production.


Five top reasons to send your clients along the Wine Trail

  1. The roads are quieter, the scenery is stunning, and there’s a great mix of rural towns, beautiful forest parks, and buzzing nightlife.
  2. There’s a diverse mix of scenic, cultural, creative and adventure activities along the way.
  3. Daily driving distances are short on mainly quiet, high quality roads and highways with the added variety to go by ferry or fly across the Cook Strait.
  4. There’s an extensive range of accommodation options to suit every traveller from luxury lodges, boutique B&B’s, serviced apartments, historic cottages and quality hotels.
  5. Each region is famous for its own distinctive wine style: Hawke’s Bay for concentrated Bordeaux-style reds; Wairarapa for its powerful Pinot Noir; Marlborough for its superstar Sauvignon Blanc.

How to package and promote the Classic NZ Wine Trail

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